Texas Junior Golf Alliance

Texas Junior Golf Alliance

In 2012, the Northern Texas PGA (NTPGA), Southern Texas PGA (STPGA), Texas Golf Association (TGA) and the Houston Golf Association (HGA) formed the Texas Junior Golf Alliance. The goal of this alliance was to allow greater access to top tier competition statewide and ease the burden of travel expense.

In the Alliance, the NTPGA, STPGA and HGA run local events that serve as qualifiers for the Legends Junior Tour state-wide events. The Legends Junior Tour is designed for elite junior golfers looking for highly competitive tournaments. They host high profile events such as the Byron Nelson Junior Championship, Texas State Junior Championship and Texas Cup Invitational.

As part of your membership with the Northern Texas PGA Junior Tour, players ages 12-18 will also be granted membership with the Legends Junior Tour and be eligible to compete in our tournaments immediately. For more information on the Legends Junior Tour please read HERE.


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