NTPGA Junior Tour Certified Caddie Program

NTPGA Junior Tour Certified Caddie Program

2021 Caddie Registration

PLEASE NOTE: If you were a caddie in previous years, you can use the same ID and password to register for 2021. Your caddie ID and password are only designated for caddie registration once a year. This login is separate from your Junior Golfer's Player ID and password used for tournament registration.

Caddie Registration Details:

There is a fee of $10 to register as an NTPGA caddie. One-time caddie registration is valid for the calendar year and expires on December 31, 2021. During the registration process, you will have the option to list up to two (2) additional caddies for your junior golfer. (Please note, a golfer is only permitted one caddie at a time during each event.)

If one caddie has multiple Junior Tour members, the caddie only has to register once.

2021 Caddie Registration: ($10)
  • NTPGA Junior Tour Certified Caddie Badge
2021 Registration + Caddie Hat: ($25)
  • NTPGA Junior Tour Certified Caddie Badge
  • ​NTPGA Junior Tour Caddie Hat

The NTPGA Junior Tour encourages parents, coaches, relatives, and more to be involved in the game with their junior golfer. One of the best ways to do this is to be a player’s caddie. NTPGA Junior Tour members competing in Prep Tour (all age divisions), Medalist Tour (11-12 divisions) and All American Tour (12 & Under divisions) tournaments are eligible to have a caddie. 
We believe it is crucial that caddies understand the Rules of Golf and the NTPGA Junior Tour Rules & Regulations because of the nature of a caddie’s responsibilities.  To caddie for your junior golfer in 2021, you must register and pass the NTPGA Junior Tour Caddie Quiz to be a certified caddie. Caddies MUST register if they want to caddie for their junior golfer at any NTPGA Junior Tour event. Caddies that do not register WILL NOT be allowed to caddie for any player until registration is complete.​

When are players allowed to have a caddie?
  • Prep Tour - All players are allowed to have a caddie (7-18 divisions)
  • Medalist Tour - Only 11-12 divisions may have a caddie
  • All American Tour - Only 12 & Under divisions may have a caddie